Steelbird Helmets plans to open 1,000 new “Riderz Shoppe” outlets by 2024

Shailendra Jain, president of the global group, Steelbird Helmet, tests a new model.

Steelbird Hi-tech India Limited has announced plans to expand its RiderZ Shoppe outlets by adding 1,000 stores over the next two years. The company previously announced that it has already successfully opened more than 117 RiderZ Shoppe outlets in India, Bangladesh and Cambodia.
Steelbird RiderZ Shoppe outlets offer customers access to a range of new helmets, rider jackets and other riding gear, including wetsuits, gloves, goggles and saddlebag boxes, all in one place . The new stores will be launched not only in India but also overseas, the company said.
“Even though Steelbird has a strong presence in multi-brand stores and a large distribution network, we have come to the conclusion that we need to embrace the direct marketing retail model in order to spend quality time providing information on items the way we want,” said Shailendra Jain, Global Group President, Steelbird Helmet.
The company said in a recent press release that it aims to provide customers with “top-notch riding gear,” as well as a wide selection of ISI helmets. Separately, the helmet maker also announced plans to launch new models of helmets and high-tech cycling gear in these stores.

Steelbird mentioned that it aims to offer products that have been “tested enough to withstand crashes.” “Especially, due to the ignorance of safe items that have been tested enough to withstand crashes, the Indian helmet trade is flooded with counterfeit and cheap products that endanger the lives of innocent people,” added Jain.

Luz W. German