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Sugar Frenzy Bakery to Open New Store in Town


PEORIA – Cierra Sargent goes from fries to pies.

But cakes, cookies, and muffins need to be available more often than pies. Sugar frenzy, the Sargent bakery is setting up in the northwest of Peoria.

Scheduled to open on September 27, Sugar Frenzy is scheduled to be located at 7706 N. Grand Prairie Drive, in a mall west of The Shoppes in Grand Prairie. It’s across town from another Sargent family food business.

Earlier this year, Sargent and her husband, Jeremy, opened The French fries spot. This East Bluff restaurant offers fries topped with lobster and shrimp, among other foods.

But baking, not frying, has been Cierra Sargent’s passion for some time now. This led to her working at a Hy-Vee supermarket bakery while she was attending Bradley University.

“It was just my little side job, but I fell in love with the bakery,” Sargent said.

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After Sargent and her husband briefly moved to Bakersfield, California, she decided to operate a bakery from their residence. She continued after they returned to Peoria, where she mainly cooked for her family and friends.

Being surrounded by candy at home might sound like heaven, but it wasn’t necessarily true in Sargent’s case.

“It turned out so well that my house was full of cakes all the time – cakes, cookies and cupcakes,” Sargent said. “It invaded my kitchen.

Cierra Sargent decorates cookies at her new Sugar Frenzy business, 7706 N. Grand Prairie Drive, North Peoria.  Sargent nurtured the love of baking and the necessary skills while working at Hy-Vee when she was in college.

“We had a new baby, so it was too much to have my blenders on the counter and powdered sugar everywhere, nuggets in every cabinet.”

Sargent was looking for an offsite location to bake. A furniture store, not a grocery store, once occupied the Grand Prairie space. But Sargent fell in love with it, in part thanks to its bay window.

“The sun is shining here,” she said. “It’s very welcoming.”

Sugar Frenzy customers will be invited to order custom baked goods or try what Sargent has already made. Some of its specialties include a cake with lemon white buttercream frosting and a red velvet cake that includes mini chocolate chips.

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Caramel apples will also be part of the Sugar Frenzy product line. During Thanksgiving and Christmas, Sargent plans to add pies to his repertoire.

Unlike fries, they probably won’t be topped with lobster and shrimp.

“I’m just ready to be open and share what I love to do with everyone,” Sargent said. “It’s a dream come true, so I’m really grateful for this opportunity.”

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