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Texas Sheriff’s Office releases video of black man who died in custody


The Collin County Texas Sheriff’s Office released a more than 40-minute jail video linked to the death of Marvin Scott III, a black man who died in March after a scuffle with detention officers.

The video came out two weeks after a grand jury refused to indict eight jailers involved in the death.

The March 14 footage contains no sound and was transmitted to NBC News with the faces out of focus. The sheriff’s office said in an email the faces were “intentionally blurry” and the lack of sound is due to the prison’s camera system not recording sound.

Deputy Deputy Chief Nick Bristow said the video was made public because Sheriff Jim Skinner had promised Scott’s family that the department would be transparent.

“As other proceedings are possible or underway, the sheriff’s office has no further comments at this time,” he said.

The video begins with the jailers opening Scott’s cell in the reservation area. It appears they are trying to pull his arm out of an opening in the cell door. After freeing his arm, they accompany Scott to a waiting room and place him on a restraint bed.

Images show Scott struggling as MPs attempt to strap him to ankles, legs, chest and wrists. They end up putting on the ankle and leg straps as a jailer holds one of Scott’s arms behind his back. This same jailer is later seen in the video pushing on Scott’s neck as he continues to struggle.

Marvin Scott died while in custody at the Collin County Jail in Texas.via NBCDFW

At one point in the video, Scott is sprayed with pepper and a jailer puts his hands on the sides of Scott’s neck. According to NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, the jailer was applying a pressure point control technique. A spit mask is then placed over Scott’s head and it is attached to the chest and wrists.

About 15 minutes after the video started, Scott appears to be in distress. About three minutes later, the jailers are seen shaking Scott before quickly removing the spit mask and straps. A nurse is called into the room.

For about 20 minutes, first responders and nurses attempt to resuscitate Scott, the video shows. He was eventually placed on a stretcher and taken to hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Scott, 26, was arrested on March 14 by Allen police after officers were called to a shopping center over unrest. The Allen Police Department said in a statement at the time that officers noticed Scott “was acting erratically and worried for his safety due to possible drug ingestion.”

He was taken into custody on a misdemeanor charge of possession of less than two ounces of marijuana, Allen police said.

Scott was taken to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Allen, where he was in the emergency room for about three hours, police said. After his release, he was treated at the Allen Police Department and then transferred to the Collin County Sheriff’s Office.

Collin County authorities said while he was in custody at the sheriff’s office, he began to act strangely. According to the sheriff’s office, detention officers tied him to a restraint bed before pepper spraying him and placing a spit mask on his face. They said he eventually fell unconscious and was taken to the hospital.

The Collin County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the death a homicide and said Scott died of a “fatal acute stress response” as he struggled with officers.

Seven detention officers who were under investigation were fired in April while an eighth officer resigned. Six of them appealed their layoffs, which led to the reinstatement of one of the officers, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reported.

In a statement announcing the layoffs and resignation, Skinner said the evidence he saw showed officers had “violated well-established sheriff’s office policies and procedures.”

In June, a grand jury refused to indict the police, saying they had found no probable reason to charge them with a felony. The jury also released a statement suggesting that a task force be formed to investigate the death to prevent something similar from happening again.

Lee Merritt, an attorney for Scott’s family, could not be reached for comment on Saturday. He had previously said Scott had a mental health issue. Scott’s mother, LaSandra Scott, told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth that her son was diagnosed with schizophrenia two years ago, but had not had an episode for about a year.

“When we got his okay with his meds he started taking them and fell and felt like if he would use marijuana it would be more beneficial to him,” LaSandra Scott told the station in April.

Zach Horn, a lawyer representing several of the officers, was not immediately available for comment.

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