The 10 Best Cheap Sunglasses in 2022

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With the onset of warmer weather, you’ll likely be spending more time outdoors over the next few months, and more time in the sun. While a small dose of vitamin D can benefit your overall well-being, sunscreen and sunglasses can help protect you from harmful UV rays that can damage skin and eyes. However, with tons of sunglasses out there, it can be difficult to choose a pair that will look good, feel good, and won’t break the bank. To help you choose, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite cheap sunglasses, from retro styles and classic looks to weatherproof running and cycling eyewear.

Best Cheap Sunglasses

    What to consider


    Polarized lenses are designed to help filter out extra light, reducing glare and blinding light. This is especially useful around water or other reflective surfaces. Polarized lenses can also help reduce eye strain and increase the clarity of your vision.

    Not polarized

    Non-polarized lenses are generally less expensive and more durable than polarized lenses. They also generally keep objects truer to color and don’t cause distortion when viewing LCD screens, which can happen with polarized screens.

    How we selected

    To find the best cheap sunglasses from the many options on the market, we researched the most popular styles available and considered price, level of UV protection, polarization, durability and design. We looked at both expert reviews and over 20,000 customer reviews, written by people who have purchased these models on sites like Amazon, to choose the sunglasses you’ll find below.

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    The most fashionable

    Rectangular sunglasses

    Key specs

    These sunglasses are reminiscent of the 90s with their squoval shape, but are decidedly modern, thanks to their beautiful pearl finish. They have 100% UV protection and are made from plastic, making them drop resistant.

    They’re also currently on sale for 25% off, bringing their price down to just over $11.


    Best Sunglasses and Reading Glasses Combo

    center stage

    Key specs

    These stylish tortoiseshell glasses are perfect for outdoor brunches or summer days when you want to read a book at the beach while protecting your peepers. The polarized lenses on this pair of sunglasses are quite large, providing ample protection against sun damage, and they also come in a fashionable gray tortoiseshell color.


    Ideal for runners

    OG sunglasses

    Key specs

    Goodr OG goggles are a running staple. They are polarized, provide great coverage without being heavy, and are both anti-bounce and anti-slip. They won’t fog up while you’re running and they also offer pretty good drop resistance. If you end up damaging or breaking your glasses, Goodr has an excellent reputation for providing replacements.

    They’re also a hit with buyers: “Unbeatable comfort and lightness for a pair of racing goggles,” says one reviewer.


    Best Sportsman

    Jet Wrap Sunglasses 0210400677

    Key specs

    If you prefer a sportier fit, these Tifosis are quite affordable and come in seven different color options. They’re not polarized, but that can actually be a good thing if you need to stare at a screen, whether you’re working on your laptop outside or just using your phone, while holding them. These goggles are also built to take a beating, thanks to their shatterproof polycarbonate lenses.


    Best value

    Rectangular sunglasses

    Key specs

    You really get what you pay for with these glasses. For just under $15, you get two pairs, and they come in a slew of color options, from the black and tortoise duo seen here to light pinks and blues to clear frames with misty gray lenses. If you just like one of the colors available, you can also purchase individual pairs.

    Aside from having a flattering shape, reviewers say their quality is “incredible” and they’re “pretty sturdy.”


    Ideal for driving

    Women’s Horizons Pine Oval Sunglasses

    Key specs

    These affordable sunglasses have huge lenses, making them ideal for providing plenty of coverage on very sunny days. Since the lenses and frames have gradient tinting, you can still see clearly through them when it’s a bit darker, making them a great option for driving as you won’t have to take them off when cloud cover shifts. The glasses have an average customer rating of 4.8 stars, with users calling them “modern and sturdy”.


    Best lightweight

    Circle G Polarized Sunglasses

    Key specs

    Another pair from Goodr, these have a smaller, rounded lens that fits perfectly under a hat or cap. This style is great for wearing while running, but cute enough to be your go-to pair for everyday wear as well. They’re lightweight, polarized, and come in fun colors and basics like black and brown.


    Best unisex

    C-Jay Polarized Sunglasses

    Key specs

    These unisex glasses are perfect for everyday use. They are available in three different color options and have a sturdy polycarbonate frame that resists accidental drops and scratches. They also offer 100% UV-A, UV-B and UV-C protection, to protect your eyes even on the sunniest days.


    Best Airman

    J106 metal aviator

    Key specs

    If you’re more into a classic aviator style, but don’t want to shell out big bucks for a designer pair, these sunglasses from Jessica Simpson might be just the thing for you. They are available in seven different colors and are super lightweight. Although not polarized, they have a UV coating and come in a range of lens colors, from classic brown to gradient pink and yellow. They’re also lightweight, ensuring you stay comfortable, even if you’re wearing them for hours.


    Ideal for cyclists

    Polarized sunglasses

    Key specs

    If you’re a cyclist, you’ve probably realized that trying to ride a bike in regular sunglasses is not only frustrating, but can be downright dangerous. They fog up, won’t fit under your helmet, slide down your face, and can even slip into the path of your wheels.

    These glasses, however, avoid all these problems. They have a low top, grips on the nose and behind the ears, and ventilation that prevents fogging even when you sweat.

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