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The best glasses for your face shape


How to choose the right pair of glasses according to the shape of your face

Updating your glasses could be as simple as taking a familiar shape for a spin in a different color. After so many geeky acetate rectangles, the aviator moment, and clear acetate eyewear (touch lab glass, if you ask me), what’s new is slightly tinted acetate. “They give the face a bit of a glow,” says Primrose Hill optician Adam Simmonds, who offers pale blue, light mint and blush frames. He recently installed literal rose-tinted glasses – a way to counter all the doom and gloom.

Broughton pays particular attention to how a pair of glasses fits her face, saying “comfort is key – make sure you choose a frame that fits your nose and ears well.” He adds that while the frames should ideally follow your eyebrows, avoid putting your eyebrows in the lenses.

For shape, he says the general rule is to stagger your facial features, “so if you have a round face you might suit an angular frame and vice versa…I would say that idea has become less important lately”. days, and the winning formula is to choose a bolder frame that lets your unique glow shine through. »

What is the shape of my face?

Choosing your glasses starts with determining the shape of your face. While everyone can find the perfect pair of glasses for themselves, everyone’s face is different and some styles suit some face shapes slightly better than others.

Every optician will have a team of experts on hand to help customers choose a new pair of glasses – so fear not if establishing your face shape doesn’t immediately solve your glasses problem.

We spoke to Dan McGhee, Director of Professional Services at Vision Express to determine the different face shapes and the best glasses for each.

Oval face shape

Congratulations – thanks to your rounded chin and forehead, most frame shapes will suit you. The best pairs to choose are those that are as wide or even slightly wider than the widest part of your face. Oversized or bold shapes are also good choices.

square face shape

Narrow frames are your friend here – as they will aim to soften your strong jaw line. Frames with more width than depth — especially oval and round styles — will make your face look longer. Try to avoid square styles and darker frames, go for metallic styles instead.

Round face shape

For those with a more circular face, the goal is to create definition through your glasses. In order to make your face look narrower and longer, opt for angular and narrower frame styles. Glasses with a transparent bridge will define your eyes, while more rectangular and wider frames will help balance your face shape.

heart face shape

Those with a heart-shaped face should choose glasses that elongate your face. The perfect pair of frames would be light-colored, rimless frames – to widen and balance the lower part of your face. Round frames are also flattering and if you’re looking for something bolder, try a cat eye style.

Diamond face shape

If you are someone with a narrow face in both the eyes and the jawline, you need to find the width and balance of your frames. Choose very heavy styles, such as semi-rimless, cat-eye, rectangular and oval glasses.

fashion glasses

Perry Moore, Managing Director of Silhouette UK, talks about choice and variety as key. “We have thousands of styles, shapes and color variations to choose from, so it’s extremely important to us that consumers can choose the style that best suits their personality and lifestyle.”

Choosing frames designed to last is also essential. Timeless shapes and styles that transcend trends are important – because it’s less common to change glasses as often as clothes.

However, Perry also notes the importance of people being allowed to express their personality through their choice of eyewear. If you’re someone who will need to wear their glasses all the time, that makes a lot of sense, so you’ll probably want to look for a unique design that you can also wear your way. Perry continues, “Silhouette offers something for everyone – where you’re looking for big, bold and beautiful or simple and classic.”

Anna Laub, Founder and Creative Director of Prism London agrees. “The glasses are functional, but you wear them every day and it’s the first thing people see on your face.”

If you are someone who is constantly indecisive, there is no need to limit your selection to just one pair. “It’s always weird to me that people have 30 pairs of shoes but normally just one pair of glasses,” Laub says.

At Jimmy Fairly, the trendy and affordable French eyewear brand, we have gone from basic and round shapes to more oversized and bolder frames. “People are more and more interested in their glasses, and they are also more creative,” explains Daphnée Duchatel, head of the brand’s culture – more convincing in her Dimby glasses, square frames in black acetate with thin temples golden.