The Best Maui Jim Women’s Sunglasses

What are the best Maui Jim sunglasses for women?

Everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses. Whether you’re driving on a nice summer day, strolling along the beach, or just want to look cool, Maui Jim has the perfect pair of sunglasses for you. All of their lenses feature the brand’s PolarizedPlus 2 technology, which blocks glare and makes your surroundings look clear and vibrant. That said, Maui Jim sunglasses don’t come cheap. Its cheapest pair costs around $150.

The best Maui Jim sunglasses for women are the Maui Jim Stingray Rectangular Sunglasses. They come in two colorways and are among Maui Jim’s best-selling models.

What to know before buying Maui Jim women’s sunglasses

Frame style

Maui Jim offers over 100 frame styles, but here are some of the most popular options.

  • Aviator the frames are round at the top and come to a tapered point at the bottom. He often has a double bridge on his nose.
  • To wrap up the frames continue past the front of the ear and wrap around the sides to provide more protection than most other frames.
  • Round the frames are exactly what they sound like. They have an oval or circular shape. Many are oversized for fashion and effect.
  • cat eye the frames have an upward tilt, which gives them a more feminine look.
  • Fashion frames is a catch-all term for frames experimenting with new shapes and designs.

Lens color

Maui Jim sunglasses have different lens colors, which will impact your vision in different ways.

  • Gray the lenses help resist direct sunlight and the neutral color helps you see bright colors easily.
  • Bronze the lenses are ideal for all-day wear as the color responds well to varying lighting conditions. They also add warmth to what you see.
  • Green lenses are best for situations with lower light levels. They can also make golf a little easier.
  • Pink The lenses provide high contrast levels in all lighting conditions.

What to Look for in Quality Maui Jim Sunglasses for Women

Frame material

Maui Jim sunglasses frames for women are usually made of plastic or metal.

  • Plastic frames are usually nylon or acetate. Plastic is easier to handle, which is why the majority of Maui Jim frames use this material. They also come in a wide range of colors.
  • Metal frames are usually titanium, but you can find stainless steel and nickel frames. Titanium is the most durable, but it is also the most expensive. Stainless steel is common due to its strength and affordability. Nickel is the most affordable, but it tends to irritate the skin.

Lens material

The lenses of Maui Jim sunglasses for women are usually made of glass or polycarbonate. Sometimes you will find a mixture of the two.

  • Glass the lenses, of SuperThin Glass brand, have the best visual quality. They are also scratch resistant and lighter than standard eyeglass lenses.
  • polycarbonate the lenses, branded MauiEvolution, are the most durable. However, they offer the lowest visual quality.
  • Mixed MauiPure brand contact lenses are the most commonly used. They offer the same durability as polycarbonate and most of the visual quality of glass.

How much you can expect to spend on Maui Jim sunglasses for women

Maui Jim sunglasses for women usually cost between $150 and $300. The $150-$200 models are as simple as they come, so if you want to show some style, you’ll have to spend $200-$250. The best and newest Maui Jim sunglasses cost $250 or more.

Maui Jim Women’s Sunglasses FAQ

Which frame styles are best for each face shape?

A. In general, you should choose frames whose shapes are opposite to your face.

  • Round faces look best in square or aviator frames.
  • Oblong faces look best in round or oval frames.
  • Oval faces can pull off most frame shapes, as long as the frames are wide.
  • heart shaped faces look best in square frames.

How do I clean my Maui Jim women’s sunglasses?

A. The best way to clean your lenses is to rinse them with water first. Next, apply a small drop of dish soap to one lens, gently mix it in a little water, and rub each side of each lens with the solution. Finally, rinse the lenses and let them air dry. You can also gently dab the remaining water with a soft cloth.

What are the best Maui Jim women’s sunglasses to buy?

Top Maui Jim women’s sunglasses

Maui Jim Stingray Rectangular Sunglasses

What do you want to know: These frames are one of Maui Jim’s classic designs.

What you will love: They come in reddish or black tortoiseshell frames, with bronze or gray lenses. The lenses are polarized, waterproof, UV protected and anti-reflective. The hinges are corrosion resistant and the frames are nylon.

What you should consider: Narrow, blocky frames don’t look good on everyone. Some consumers have had issues with fragile lenses.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and Macy’s

Maui Jim women’s top sunglasses for the money

Maui Jim Sugar Beach Aviator Sunglasses

Maui Jim Sugar Beach Aviator Sunglasses

What do you want to know: These are one of Maui Jim’s most affordable pairs of sunglasses.

What you will love: They come in bronze frames with bronze lenses or black frames with gray lenses. You can adjust the frames and nosepieces to best fit your face. The frames are nylon and the polarized lenses are 62 millimeters wide with UV protection and anti-glare.

What you should consider: The absence of frames makes them delicate. Some customers have had issues with bad hinges. Others felt the gray lenses were too dark.

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Worth checking out

Maui Jim Baby Beach Aviator Sunglasses

Maui Jim Baby Beach Aviator Sunglasses

What do you want to know: These are some of the highest quality frames from Maui Jim.

What you will love: They come in four designs, including bronze, pink, blue or gray lenses. The lenses are 56 millimeters wide and are polarized, UV protected and anti-glare. The frames are made of titanium and the adjustable nose bridge has non-slip silicone pads.

What you should consider: They are among Maui Jim’s most expensive frames. They’re also on the small side, so they won’t fit well on larger faces.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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