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The best new fall fragrances are cozy and original


Absolute wild

With a name like “Savage,” one would expect perfumer Jeff Alfaro-Johnston’s debut scent to be animal and rough around the edges. Not so! Its herbal eau de parfum is sensual and inviting, filled with yuzu, neroli and rose absolute. Inspired by the raw power and uncompromising beauty of nature, the juice uses fruits, flowers and resins like labdanum to draw you into its web. Made only in small batches, this is an under the radar find worth looking for.

Bo’s house

The Miami-based niche brand House of Bō wasn’t launched until October, but it’s already garnered interest from fragrance junkies. Launched with a trio of perfumes from perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux, the line caused a sensation when it was unveiled. With caps handcrafted by Mexican artisans, recyclable glass bottles, and sustainable ingredients, it’s sure to appeal to those who care about the environment, but the scents themselves are just as impressive. While Agua de Santos and La Mar are light and refreshing, the mysterious Espirítu is ideal for the cooler months. Its leather, tobacco leaves, osmanthus and carrot seed combine for an intense and elegant woody blend that will turn heads.

Fueguia Seda

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Fashion and perfume are closely related, so it makes sense that a perfume is inspired by fabric. The intoxicating Seda de Fueguia 1833 is as soft and light as the silks from which it takes its name and is created to complement the material if worn together. Heavy on jasmine grandiflorum and sambac, it is smooth, sweet and slightly grassy. Convincing even if your wardrobe consists of t-shirts and jeans, it is guaranteed that you feel instantly dressed

Basic milk

Basic products Perfumes Milk

Few things are as comforting as a glass of milk. Whether you like it cold, lukewarm, or herbal, the drink takes you back to simpler times. Yet when Commodity decided to create Milk, the fragrance, they weren’t interested in playing it safe. Instead, perfumer Christelle Laprade sought to capture the sense of relaxation and contentment that the drink can evoke, using unexpected note chords like mahogany and marshmallow to produce that sense of joy. Each of Commodity’s scents come in three strengths – personal, expressive and bold – allowing the wearer to control the silage so you can keep things close to the body or project so everyone can smell a great creamy scent. .

Dior Miss Dior

Dior Miss Dior Eau de Parfum

Chances are you have a bottle of Miss Dior on your dresser. Among the most popular perfumes ever created, the original Miss Dior came out in 1947 and its sequel became a phenomenon when it was relaunched in 2012. Yet there is always room for improvement, and the revamped version of Dior of the classic takes the idea of ​​the youthful, optimistic Dior customer and creates something new for these same people to enjoy. Lily of the valley, Centifolia Ros, peony and iris are infallible notes that are irresistible all year round. Still, the upbeat olfactory profile of the perfume’s latest incarnation is especially cheerful during the colder months.

Aesop’s Karst

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Autumn takes on different qualities depending on where you live, and Aesop’s enveloping Karst is a tribute to the seaside. Enveloping with an almost vegetal aroma, its blend of juniper, sandalwood and cumin evokes a cold day in Brighton or the scent of an emerging thunderstorm. True originality, the Karst takes its name from the topography which develops when soluble rocks (limestone, gypsum, chalk, etc.) dissolve in water. Inspiration might not be sexy, but scent is and its bold nature makes it a must-have scent.

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