The glasses chain is now a coveted accessory for young fashion fans

It’s official: spotted on movie stars, models and other influencers, the eyeglass chain isn’t just kitschy or just plain old-fashioned anymore.

The younger generations are seizing on this accessory, which has become such a phenomenon that the big houses compete in elegance with ultra-stylish versions, transforming it into a real jewel.

Granny is obviously a fashion trendsetter – although she might not know it herself – and her style is the most popular among young fashionistas!

After having relaunched the cardigan, the scarves, the barrettes, and even the knitting, now grandma is pulling out her eyeglass chains from the back of the closet.

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It might just sound eccentric, but it’s another example of a wave of nostalgia in fashion for a time we’ve never known – and it goes beyond Gen Z and Millennials and a propensity for anything related to the 1990s and 2000s.

This time the trend goes back four decades earlier, to a time when eyeglass chains were not only an aesthetic but above all practical choice, in fact, for many wearers they were not even considered accessories. of fashion.

This is obviously no longer the case. Thanks to a slew of ultra-creative designers, this jewel takes on a new lease of life.

It may even be the essential accessory for the end of the year celebrations.

A new must-have piece for celebrities

There has indeed been a movement going on for several years for eyeglass chains to return, with varying degrees of success.

Star models Bella and Gigi Hadid have been spotted with such an accessory on several occasions, contributing massively to the rehabilitation of the image of an accessory that at one time was only a simple cord.

And the two Americans aren’t the only ones wearing those big chains everywhere; Dakota Johnson was also seen sporting a chain of glasses around her neck, while at the same time major luxury houses, such as Chanel and Dior, put the accessory in the spotlight with a cameo role in some of their parades.

In fact, slowly but surely, it has been breaking through for almost five years now to become a safe bet, having made a noticeable comeback to the limelight.

On social media, including TikTok and Instagram, eyeglass chains are now appearing in thousands of posts, coupled with so many trends, which is the key factor demonstrating their versatility.

On the Chinese social network, the hashtag #eyeglasschain has already accumulated several hundred thousand views, and that’s not counting, as always, the many variations of the term.

And the videos using the hashtag show us an almost infinite number of ways to wear the accessory, as well as its many variations, for all genres. Because today’s eyewear chain is well and truly neutral.

For an idea of ​​how celebrities are wearing it, check out French model and TV personality Iris Mittenaere who chose a beaded design earlier this year for her vacation in Abu Dhabi, and Kim Kardashian who more recently makes the glasses chain a real punk accessory.

The reality TV star opted for a (fake) nose piercing connected to numerous chains, including one connected to her sunglasses.

This should rekindle interest in an accessory once considered corny.

One more gem

Like other jewelry, the glasses chain is now available in different styles and formats. The unsightly black cord that came with Grandma’s reading glasses is long gone.

The styles of the moment are composed of small or large links, pearls, and many are even adorned with precious stones or fancy pompoms. Available in gold, silver or brass, like any other jewel, they can be decorated in different shapes.

In terms of length, you can find everything from shorter to longer versions.

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And the good news is that you can find them in a wide range of prices, whether at Le Petit Cordon, Atelier Kat H, or Rua Martine, specialists in the field, but also in jewelry stores and loan stores. -à-porter, and even luxury brands, including Dior, Chanel, Fendi and Saint Laurent.

No more reason to resist the call of a chain of glasses and its double advantage: to be at the forefront of style, while always having your glasses at hand.

Functional and aesthetic, in tune with the times. – AFP Relax news

Luz W. German