The Ritz-Carlton Evrima’s outdoor spa deck offers deep relaxation at the bow of a mega yacht

Obsession on board is a new series that explores the must-see highlights of the most popular cruises, from bookable shore excursions to spa treatments too relaxing to pass up.

No matter how much you plan to travel, it can be transportation, especially right now. So, luckily, there are those rare moments of deep relaxation on vacation; though they can be rare when you’re on the road, trading your time for everything you hope to see. Among some of my personal favorites are two particularly thought-provoking options: The aftermath of a splurge-worthy spa experience; emerging fresh from an intense massage, hot sauna or soothing skin treatment, wrapped in a warm terrycloth bathrobe and relishing the buzz in a serene relaxation room where everyone is a little flushed, disheveled and not quite ready to leave its cocoon. The other, for me, is drinking into an ocean skyline from the bow of a boat – something meditative in itself, but especially mesmerizing when you can linger over the view, preferably with a drink. by hand, hearing the waves lapping around the sides of the bow and feeling the salty air whipping towards you from an endless expanse of waves.

It is even rarer to have the opportunity to combine these two states of being supremely still, but this is exactly the experience that the Evrima, the first Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection ship, has achieved. The hotel brand’s first and only 623ft vessel began sailing in the European Mediterranean this fall. (The yacht’s five- to 12-day voyages are heading to the Caribbean this winter.) At sea since October, the super yacht is home to six restaurants, 149 rooms (all are suites with private balconies) and will be paired with two sister ships to come in 2024 and 2025.

The ninth deck spa terrace aboard the Ritz-Carlton Evrimathe first Yacht Collection ship of the hotel brand

Christopher Cypert

The Ritz Carlton EvrimaThe ninth deck spa is perhaps the best symbol of the concept the brand pursues: All the comforts of a five-star hotel, taken to sea on a ship small enough to reach ports that large ships cannot reach. As the Ritz-Carlton already has the firepower of a beloved spa concept, the offshore version of its signature massage offers: as well as advanced aromatherapy techniques, ESPA products and high-end treatment rooms technology, it all made me feel like I was in a spa rather than floating somewhere off the French Riviera.

During a recent cruise between Antibes and Sanary-sur-mer on the French Riviera, Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection CEO Doug Prothero, who is himself a former captain, told me that the creation of the spa’s terrace was a happy accident: it was originally intended to serve as a complement to the fitness center, reserved for weight training classes. And while it still serves as such for morning programming options like yoga and meditation, spa-goers have discovered it and made the deck their own. Perhaps it’s thanks to the hot tub that serves as the ship’s figurehead of sorts, bubbling with steam from the forward-most point of the deck like a beacon in the distance. The sea-facing cabanas and loungers are also perfect for post-treatment siestas to prolong that post-spa glow, or simply to admire the approaching shore with a glass of champagne in hand. In my case, the Belle Epoque buildings of fabulous Monaco, where I had spent the morning walking a long loop of the city, were the perfect backdrop for cooling off after a steam bath in the spa’s sauna.

Luz W. German