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The ultimate winter wishlist for every stylish getaway


An amazing outfit has the power to movement you. Think of your favorite pair of jeans that give you enough confidence to walk into a room full of strangers, or an incredibly voluminous dress that lifts your spirits even when you’ve just rolled out of bed. Elevated accessories are no less magical, and the specific ones our editors are eyeing for winter are a little more literal in their ability to carry. Specifically, in the case of the Versace eyewear below, three of Coveteur’s eyewear found style as well as travel inspiration rolled into one.

With Versace’s signature bold approach, featuring strong silhouettes, oversized frames and touches of gold, its sunglasses collection is for anyone with an adventurous spirit. As well as those who hope to plan a change of scenery in the middle of winter. Ahead, our editors share the getaways they have in mind and the sunglasses that have become new must-haves for Winter 2022 and beyond.

Coveteur Brand Manager and Editor-in-Chief, Jessica Teves

“For a touch of everyday special, these sunglasses are the answer with Versace’s hint of gold via its Medusa medallion. They are the definition of a punchy yet paired look, modern and minimal yet with a strong silhouette. In these, I’m instantly transported to my next Miami getaway where sun and salt water meet the city’s inimitable contemporary art scene.

versace glasses

Coveteur Beauty Editor Ama Kwarteng

“The best everyday accessories are striking yet versatile. They can make even your must-have classics ingenious. It’s the energy that exudes from Versace frames as they flash a little gold at the temples. They work perfectly for one of my ideal Palm Springs winter getaways, taking me from morning hikes to afternoons spent poolside to sunset dinners with a view.

versace glasses

Coveteur Style Editor, Camille Freestone

“Bold winter accessories go hand-in-hand with the season’s must-have outdoor activity. These clear frames are exactly what I’m going to style when I’m hitting the ski slopes (or of course, even just the lodge), accessorizing an ensemble that is both warm, comfortable and timeless Aspen-chic.

versace glasses