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The Wand Crystal G Wand Review: Pretty and efficient


The crystal industry is booming. From a rose quartz water bottle to a crystal face set, if you want a geode gadget, the Internet of Things can probably spit one out for you to buy.

This includes masturbatory crystals. When premium toy brand Le Wand discontinued its Crystal collection, I was skeptical.

On the one hand, I do not attribute the healing power of the crystals. But I trust Le Wand because they produced a wireless vibrator I love. Crystal sex toys have also long been a “thing”, which brands like Chakrubs to the best.

Glue a crystal myself, though? It seemed to be the last frontier. Considering the brand where they come from and the objective beauty of the chopsticks, I decided to give them a chance.

Le Wand offers several offers in its crystal collection: Crystal Wand; Thin crystal wand; Crystal wand G; and Yoni eggs. All are available in two options, Rose Quartz and Black Obsidian.

For this review, I tried out the Crystal G Wand rose quartz to see how it performed on its own and how a crystal wand compared to other internal toys.

All toys from Le Wand’s Crystal collection. Clockwise: Yoni eggs; Wand G; Thin wand; Magic wand.
Credit: the baguette

Are crystal sex toys safe?

Crystal is far from the typical material for sex toys. Many stones and crystals are porous, which means they have tiny holes or a space where air or liquid can fill them. Porous materials are not ideal for sex toys because they can absorb bodily fluids, lubricant, and anything the toy can touch. Since exterior materials can seep into the toy, cleaning the surface does not help. That is why many sex toys are made of non-porous silicone that is harmless to the body.

Le Wand told Mashable that the crystal collection is certified to meet California Standards Prop 65, which requires companies to warn their customers about significant exposure to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. These toys also meet EU and UK safety standards.

According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) researchers who spoke with Chakrubs, rose quartz is non-porous. Other crystals may have “closed porosity” which means they have pores but only on the surface of the crystal and do not enter through the center.

On his site, Le Wand said the crystals in their toys can have closed porosity and recommended using a condom if using them with a partner you’d rather not share bodily fluids with. I would dare say that if you are nervous about using a closed porosity toy, use a condom even if you are playing solo.

Like always, clean your wand before and after each use. Due to the potential for closed porosity, it is imperative to wash it immediately after your session.

Opening of the Le Wand Crystal G wand

The packaging matches the aesthetic of the toy: pink with gold gem accents. Each toy in this line comes with a travel pouch and a 94 page guide, which details how to use these toys and the history of crystal healing.

The wand also comes with a silicone plug designed to be placed over the toy for simultaneous external stimulation.

The Wand and the Internet as a whole, it seems, love to complain about the above “healing power” of crystals. These stones are said to have contained such power for eons, so it’s understandable that the trend continues, especially since general interest in crystals, as mainstream interest in astrology and other non-Western forms of spirituality, have seen an increase in recent years.

However, I have no authority in the matter. While I can’t say if these wands will allow you to “experience spiritual enlightenment” or “achieve sexual nirvana” as Le Wand claims on their website, neither will I say that this is a complete farce. If these stones have persisted for this long, there is probably a reason.


Unbound’s Pep is a great vibrator for beginners and experienced users.

However, I was only focusing on the physical – not spiritual – feelings the toy gave me and how the wand functions as a sex toy.

If you like crystals, you can, as described in the Le Wand booklet, cleanse it spiritually before first use. I only literally cleaned it up.

The G wand has a curved end to tilt and stimulate the G point, while the other two wands in the collection are straight. Either end of the G Wand can be used depending on the type of internal stimulation you are looking for.

As Regina George would say, it is really very pretty.

Unlike silicone sex toys, you can use any type of lubricant with this toy. If you use the silicone stopper with the wand, use only water-based lubricant so as not to degrade the stopper. I didn’t use a condom, but if you do, make sure you don’t use oil-based lubricants either.

I’ll be honest, it was hard not to just look to this toy. As Regina George would say, it is really very pretty. I wanted to use it purely on the basis of aesthetics – but beauty doesn’t make a good sex toy. How does the toy actually to feel?

I was completely surprised at how nice this toy felt against my skin and body. I usually stick with internal silicone toys – I’ve never had a glass dildo, for example – so I wasn’t prepared for the feeling of softness.

Le Wand Crystal G Wand experience

The baguette was great. I was worried it would be too cold, but it wasn’t – and it warmed up during use, anyway. The angled edge is perfect for hitting the G-spot and has the perfect length (178mm) and width (34mm at the curved end) for just enough stimulation.

One frustrating aspect of this toy, however, was the silicone plug. The internal / external combo creates the best orgasms for me, so I was happy to use it … but couldn’t fit it on either side of the toy. I imagine this is not a problem for other wands, especially since the cap is pictured on top of the regular wand, but I struggled to put mine on the G wand before I to give up.

I also didn’t want to try too hard to pull the plug because this toy is crystal, after all. One downside to this wand, like I imagine all crystal toys, is that it has to be handled with care. The toy is especially slippery when wet, and since I recently chipped a gua sha tool after first use, I was worried about doing the same with the G wand. However, I didn’t at all need to be precious with my silicone toys.

Fortunately, my G wand is still intact, but my fear of dropping or breaking it may prevent me from grabbing it for future sessions.

How does The Wand Crystal G Wand compare to other internal toys?

These comparisons are for very different toys, but might be useful if you’ve tried one and haven’t tried a crystal toy before.

Crystal G Wand versus a realistic 6 ” dildo: the G wand wins here. Although the dildo is more realistic, I find the G wand to slide in a more pleasant way. The curved angle is a huge plus as well, as standard dildos aren’t created to stimulate the G-spot like that.

Crystal Wand G vs. Soraya Wave: It depends on the experience you are looking for. The Soraya Wave mimics a “come here” movement with your fingers, giving G-spot stimulation similar to that of Le Wand’s G-wand. Both toys do the job, but Wave does the job for you. I found that the silicone in the Wave was not as gentle on my skin as the crystal in the G Wand.

Crystal Wand G vs. Thruster: Again, it depends. The thruster is a great option if you like a more realistic toy and want to lay down while the toy does the job. You won’t experience hard, fast thrusts with the G Wand like you do with the Thruster. At the same time, the Thruster is not tilted to reach the G point.

Add to Cart?

Although I cannot speak to the spiritual properties that these toys can have, I enjoyed the G wand and think it is a good sex toy in its own right. The 94-page booklet is informative, and the travel pouch is a plus.

At the same time, there are snags. I couldn’t get the silicone plug to work, and I have to be careful of this fragile toy when handling it. The wand feels amazing against my body, but I also wonder if glass or stainless steel wands would produce the same effect. Glass and stainless steel are also non-porous materials, so I wouldn’t have to worry about that.

If you are a “crystal lover” and can afford to spend from $ 110 on Yoni Eggs to $ 250 on G Wand, these toys are for you. They are beautiful and well produced.

If either or both of these factors are not true, then I would skip this collection. The Wand has stainless steel toys so if you want to experience that smooth feeling I would consider them.

In the end, I had fun with the G Wand but wouldn’t buy it for myself. Especially since porosity can be a problem, I might not use it very often even though I enjoyed it very much. The crystal sex toy didn’t spur me on “sex nirvana” – but I climaxed, which is good enough for me.

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