‘They were shaken’: Former AG Bill Barr defends FBI search warrant against Mar-A-Lago

As the Justice Department continues to shed light on the trove of hidden documents at Mar-a-Lago, several high-level former presidents donald trump his allies no longer defend him.

On Friday, after the DOJ unsealed the court filing detailing the inventory of documents discovered during the FBI raid, Trump’s former attorney general Bill Barre told Fox News that the government was “shaken” by the former president when he tried to obtain classified documents from the Florida estate.

Responding to Republicans criticizing the “unprecedented” search of a former president’s property, Barr retorted, “It’s also unprecedented for a president to take all of this classified information and put it in a country. club.”

The unsealed folder described boxes containing classified documents littered with books and clothing; he also mentioned 48 empty folders with “classified” banners, and another 42 empty folders marked “return to Secretary of Staff/Military Auxiliary”. It is not known at this stage whether the missing documents in the folders have been moved to a recovered box, or are elsewhere, untraceable.

Andre Weissmanna lead prosecutor in the Mueller investigation, told MSNBC on Friday: ‘Since we learned there was a search warrant and learned there were classified documents, which was at the bottom of our minds of everyone was the fear that these weren’t all staying at Mar-a-Lago, and was there a broadcast… And when you see how many folders were empty, that’s what you pushes you to breathe deeply and really worry about what happened to them.

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On Tuesday, the Justice Department released a court filing offering insight into the attempts it took to retrieve government documents prior to the August 8 FBI search. and that efforts were likely made to obstruct the government’s investigation. A lawyer for Trump previously said that all records extracted from the White House were kept in one place: the Mar-a-Lago storage room.

Friday’s unsealed file effectively confirmed the suspicions, revealing that some of the material was recovered from Trump’s office, not a storage room.

The filing also said some of the documents were so sensitive that “even FBI counterintelligence staff and DOJ review attorneys needed additional clearances before they were allowed to review certain documents.”

Luz W. German