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To avoid overcrowding, Kerala to open 175 more alcohol outlets – The New Indian Express


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KOCHI: State government informed Kerala’s High Court on Tuesday that it plans to open 175 additional alcohol outlets to avoid overcrowding in front of existing outlets and to provide walk-in facilities .

Beverages Corporation has called on the government to sanction 175 additional liquor stores in the state. Based on the proposal, the excise commissioner submitted his view to the government asking it to consider the proposal favorably. . Compared to the areas and population of the state with that of neighboring states, the number of sanctioned outlets was meager and not sufficient to meet the demand for alcohol in a smooth and efficient manner. , there is a retail store for 1,745 people, while is a retail store for 12,705 people and in Karnataka it is a retail store for 7,851 people. Large-scale waits have formed during rush hours in front of Kerala liquor stores, ”the government informed.

When the contempt of court case was brought to the hearing, S Kannan, a senior government lawyer appearing for the Excise Commissioner, argued that as many as 96 liquor stores in Bevco had walk-in facilities while 30 stores operated by Consumerfed had them.

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Judge Devan Ramachandran noted that the intention of the court was to ensure that ordinary citizens who are not drinkers are spared problems due to the operation of liquor stores. It was an open secret that every store caused great annoyance to children and women and parents were also concerned that it would have a bad influence on the next generation. Therefore, the cases of extreme nuisance caused in the vicinity of liquor stores could not be overlooked. Indeed, it was not negotiable that the harassment and nuisance caused to people due to the operation of liquor stores had to be mitigated. Much remains to be done, as the problems encountered by citizens undermine their constitutional right to lead a life of dignity.

The tribunal observed that marginal progress appeared to have been made but that the situation was still not acceptable, let alone satisfactory.

The court also asked the Excise Commissioner to look into the complaint the court received from a certain Vinaya Chandran of Palluruthy, the long queues outside a store causing a nuisance to residents living in neighboring settlements.

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Bevco attorney Ranjith Tampan argued that the only solution to the problem was to have walk-in counters with enough parking space. Unless all stores are converted to walk-in stores, the situation may not improve.

The court also ordered the excise commissioner to inform the court of further action taken in the case and posted the case on November 23.

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