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Topo Chico celebrates art inspired by favorite mineral water


For many people, Topo Chico is not just any sparkling mineral water. Whether it’s that glass bottle or its distinctive flavor, opening a cork opens up a world of possibilities. In the latest collaboration, this mineral water sets a refreshing new tone.

Bottled for centuries, Topo Chico’s long and rich history is as rich as the Mayan legend associated with the brand. While the Mayan princess is said to have regained her health sipping mineral water, the legend of the refreshing taste is just as vivid. As the cult of the brand has grown over the years, people can’t get enough of it.

Many people are drawn to the brand for its effervescence. Often considered less abrasive than other sparkling waters and mineral waters, the flavor keeps people coming back time and time again. Drink it alone, with a touch of lime, or even in a Ranch Water cocktail, there are too many possibilities to sip.

Now that Topo Chico is more readily available, even more people are embracing the legendary mineral water. More specifically, the brand even offers mini bottles for sale online. Now there are a lot of reasons to have multiple bottles in the fridge.

While each sip brings refreshment with its signature taste, Topo Chico is more than just a drink. As seen in its recent collaborations, TopoLife celebrates the art and artists who embrace their vision. For example, artist Bosco Gomez designed the new packaging for the 12-pack, which is available online. In addition, Gustavo Jaimes tattoo designs adorn a special bottle opener.

While many brands partner with celebrities or athletes, these collaborations give authentic voices their moment in the spotlight. It’s not about being splashy, trendy or trending. It’s about staying true to yourself and honoring traditions.

As Jaimes shared in her video, the brand has been a part of her whole life. While many people may not have this bottle with them all the time, this connection runs deep. One sip and more people will learn to appreciate the connection.

Topo Chico is available online at topochico.net and at various retailers.