Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn could be the first New York store to unionize

Employees at a Trader Joe’s grocery store in Brooklyn are asking to unionize, adding to a growing organizing effort within the national chain and the retail industry in general. Employees at the store, located in Williamsburg, say they have faced poor working conditions, racial discrimination and anti-union struggle, according to nonprofit outlet More Perfect Union. Two Trader Joe locations in Massachusetts and Minnesota unionized over the summer, and workers at the now-closed Trader Joe’s Manhattan wine store claimed last month that the store was abruptly shut down in when they were about to make known their intention to unionize. (Trader Joe’s denied the closure was related to union activity.) The Brooklyn outpost will be the first Trader Joe’s store in New York to unionize, if successful.

Seafood staple Mermaid Inn pulls out of the Upper West Side

The Mermaid Inn is closing its 15-year-old Upper West Side location on October 16, according to the New York Post. The owners have “mutually agreed” to part ways with the building’s new owner, but they say the seafood haunt could move to another location in the same neighborhood.

White Horse Tavern sued over $650,000 in unpaid rent

The owner of the historic White Horse Tavern in the West Village is suing bar owner Eytan Sugarman for $650,000 in unpaid rent that accrued during the pandemic, according to the Real Deal.

Bronx’s Riverdale neighborhood hosts first-ever Restoration Week

Riverdale Restaurant Week will run from October 1 through October 8 and will include 29 restaurants, such as Bronx Alehouse and famed Peruvian restaurant Claudy’s Kitchen. The event, which is not affiliated with NYC Restaurant Week host NYC & Co., is an effort to bring more visibility to Bronx restaurants and address the Bronx’s lack of representation in Restaurant Week at city-wide, organizers told the Bronx Times.

Luz W. German