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Uma Bharti walks into liquor store and smashes bottles to demand closure of ‘illegal’ outlet


In true maverick style, Madhya Pradesh’s ex-Chief Minister Uma Bharti walked into a liquor store in Bhopal on Sunday evening and threw a rock to smash a few bottles in protest against the failure of the administration to shut down the “illegal” liquor store. .

While Congress has mocked the BJP government for the ex-CM’s action which amounts to breaking the law, the BJP has distanced itself from the episode, saying it was a Bharti’s individual campaign.

Bharti, who has repeatedly called for a campaign against the alcohol ban in Madhya Pradesh over the past year, posted a video of his action on his social media accounts, issuing a warning to the Bhopal administration to close the store and the ‘ahata’ (open space for serving alcohol) within a week.

On his Twitter account, Bharti said, “There are a series of liquor stores in Barkheda Pathani Azad Nagar in BHEL (Bhopal) area in a workers’ settlement and liquor is served in a big ‘ahata’ . It is a workers’ colony, there is a nearby temple and a school for small children. When girls and women stand on their terraces, intoxicated people embarrass them by urinating in front of them. All worker income is spent in these (spirit) shops. Local women and residents protested against the shops, held dharna because the shops are in violation of government policy. The administration has always assured that they will be closed, but this has not happened in recent years. I notified the administration today to close the store within a week,” Bharti said.

In the video, the ex-CM is seen casually entering the store in the presence of his security personnel and throwing a large rock at one of the lockers, breaking a few bottles in the process. She is then seen leaving the shop with the same cool attitude.

Reacting to the incident, the head of the MP Congress media cell, Jitu Patwari, posted an oblique tweet expressing his gratitude to Bharti for her action, praising her bravery and calling her a “sherni” (tigress). “You left me speechless today. For the first time, we feel that there is someone in the BJP whose words and actions do not differ. The stone that was picked up today will be part of the foundations of prohibition in MP. It is hoped that this will break the sleep of (Chief Minister) Shivraj Singh Chouhan, so that alcohol will not break homes in the state again,” Patwari tweeted along with Bharti’s video.

In another tweet, he mocked the government as well as the ‘violent’ nature of the protest, saying: ‘Cheap booze, booze in every village, ability to deliver booze to home, 3500 new liquor stores – the stone was not thrown against a liquor store but against Chouhan government policy. The BJP has transformed Madhya Pradesh into Madya (alcohol) Pradesh. But we are Gandhians.

Another Congress spokesman, Narendra Saluja, said Bharti should not have taken the law into his own hands because there are many democratic ways to protest. He said the fact that an ex-CM had to pick up a stone to push for prohibition in her own government shows how helpless she has become.

Saluja further criticized the government for keeping silent about the whole episode. Speaking in a tweet to the state’s Home Secretary, Narottam Mishra, Saluja said: ‘I am also against alcohol in MPs and I too want the ban in the state. The way ex-CM Uma Bharti protested at a liquor store today, I also want to hold a similar protest. Please give me permission.

Meanwhile, BJP state spokesman Hitesh Bajpai sought to distance the party from the episode. He said the incident was part of a ban campaign decided personally by Uma Bharti and she elucidated the reasons behind her action and decision. “The incident itself is a matter between Uma ji and the administration. It is not a program decided by the BJP and therefore we cannot comment on it,” Bajpai said in a video statement.