Unclaimed packages hold surprises for British woman

A British woman has created a buzz on TikTok after buying up to 100 unclaimed parcels for just 76 pence apiece. Notably, the Postal Services Act in the UK makes it an offense to deliberately open misdelivered parcels. But the TikToker, Stephanie Grime explained that what she is doing is perfectly legal. LAD Bible reported that Stephanie came across a cash cow during a “local swap meet” when she noticed a stand selling unclaimed parcel post. The content creator, originally from Las Vegas, bought 100 of the undelivered packages for around $1 (Rs 75.65) apiece just for fun and probably content for her TikTok videos. She opened the packages on camera, while many packages turned out to be a bargain, there were a few that were nothing short of a disappointment.

“I knew as soon as I bought my first packages that I wanted to make a series of them by opening them online,” said Stephanie, who confessed that she never imagined that people would like it so much. She revealed that when her videos became popular, it became difficult to find such unclaimed packages as they kept selling out. But the TikToker was able to stock up with two full pallets, securing enough for the contents.

For those wondering what would have been in those unclaimed parcels, well, Stephanie found $50 gift cards (around Rs 3782.62) for an array of businesses, Nespresso coffee pods , Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, a Polaroid camera and high-end makeup. . In the video, Stephanie revealed her favorite item was a three-carat tanzanite stone.

So far she has unpacked 99 packages and 101 are more to do. In the batch, she admitted that there were a few that were disappointing and she regretted opening them. Calling it a gamble, Stephanie shared that she found “dead crickets, nail clippings, a bag of rocks, a potato, and even literal air sacs.”

Not only did the TikToker make thousands of dollars from packages, selling most items on eBay at discounted prices, but she also made sure it was legal.

Stating that she also buys lost airline baggage and abandoned storage units, Stephanie said she made it clear to her buyers that it was perfectly legal to buy the products, once they were doubled and unclaimed.

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Luz W. German