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Von Miller’s Legacy Includes Free Glasses For Kids Via Von’s Vision


DENVER (KDVR) – Von Miller’s exchange with the Los Angeles Rams sends shockwaves into the field and beyond.

Although he’s known to stop opponents on the ground, leaders say in the community he’s opened up a world of possibilities for the children of Denver.

One thing you can say about Miller is that he has his own style, and as he leaves Denver some say it’s his vision off the pitch that will really leave a mark.

Rich Barrows has been the director of the Denver Broncos Boys and Girls Club for over 18 years. It’s safe to say that Barrows has seen its fair share of Broncos legends.

“I saw the best Broncos players – these people who come to give our kids time and help with resources and opportunities, I got to see a lot of great players coming in,” Barrows said.

Miller is one of those players, tackling community obstacles in his own way.

Miller created Von’s Vision to provide low-income students with trendy eyewear so they can feel confident and perform as well as the All-Pro linebacker.

“His number one passion is Von’s vision,” Barrows said. “So it’s put, I don’t know how many clinics. Even here at this boys and girls club, over 100 children have received glasses, even just last month. “

“The thing with glasses is that they really help with raising children,” Barrows said. “If you can see the board, if you can read the books, if you can see the computer, you can do so much more in school.”

While it might seem like a small gesture, Barrows said the frames Miller provided had changed the lives of some of his smaller fans.

“It’s cool what Von did with the glasses, and the thick dark glasses – there’s nothing wrong with those,” Barrows said. “And in fact, during my tenure, kids used these types of glasses as being stylish. Even though they didn’t need glasses, sometimes they just wore the frames just so they could look like Von. “

It is not yet clear if Miller plans to continue the program in Denver after moving to Los Angeles, but he has helped hundreds of children, not only here in Denver but also in his home state of Texas.

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