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Water is your best friend: stay hydrated all summer long | News from the FIU


“The best way to keep pace is to get ahead,” says Rivera. “Drink water before you are thirsty. “

For those wondering how exactly to achieve this, Rivera shares a few helpful tips:

1. Invest in a gigantic bottle of water.

Rivera often recommends clients get a large 64 oz. bottle of water.

“Have it on your desk,” she said. “Look at this. You’ll be more responsive to this. It’s a signal to action.

Take small sips here and there. Do not drink the water or try to drink it all at once. It can be harmful to drink large amounts of water at one time. Keep your pace and try to take several sips throughout the day.

If you are wondering if you really need to drink eight glasses of water a day, the simple answer is yes. Depending on your particular situation, you might need a little more.

“It varies depending on the age, the climate we live in, and the amount, duration and intensity of the exercise we do. A good place to start is eight eight-ounce glasses a day.

2. Listen to your body’s thirst mechanism.

What you really need to do is take care of your body. Observe when you are thirsty, how often you are thirsty, and how much exercise or heat and humidity you feel.

It might sound a little gross, but Rivera says one of the best ways to tell if you need to drink more water is to take a look at your urine, especially in the morning. If the urine is concentrated, you need to drink more water. If the urine is relatively clear or light in color, then you are fine. You don’t need to pay too much attention to the color of your urine, but it’s a good marker to help you out.

The point is, try to be careful with yourself. Pay attention to your daily water intake routine and learn to anticipate when your body will need more water.

3. Add lemon or other natural flavors.

If you think the water is too bland or too boring, says Rivera, try spicing it up with it. Natural flavors. Squeeze some lemon juice into your water or add a sprig of mint leaves.

You can also experiment with limes, oranges, or even crushed raspberries or sliced ​​cucumbers. Be creative and try out flavors and fruits that pique your interest.

“You make it part of your idea and your routine,” says Rivera. “We drink a lot of calories in this country. We need more water.